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The Immune System


The Importance of A Strong Immune System

NK Cell Function why is it so important?

“Animal Wellness and Vibrational Frequencies”

Nutrition & Diet


What’s In Your Pet’s Food?

Grains In Commercial Pet Food?

Kibble is kibble is STILL kibble!

“Beginners Guidelines for Transistioning & Feeding Raw Diet”

“Is Glandular Therapy Necessary For Dogs?”

“Balanced Pet Nutrition”

“Myth or Fact – Raw Fed Animals Pose a Significant Health Risk To Humans?” 

“Salmonella Contaminated Dog Food”

Dogs Are Carnivores”

Cooked Vs. Raw Foods”

“Raw Feeding MYTHS”

“Tripe – Offal & Awesome”

Detoxing and Healing Your Dog”

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Important Supplements


Maximize Your Pet’s Immune System with Fulvic/Humic Acids

Medicinal Mushrooms For Pets

Enzymes in Canine Nutrition

“What’s So Important About Enzymes For Our Dogs?

“SBO Probiotics for Pets?”

“Glandular Therapy Necessary For Dogs”

Omega 3s/Essential Fatty Acids For Your Dog

“Why Use Bovine Colostrum For Dogs?”

Importance of Antioxidants For Dogs


Diseases & Ailments


Canine Arthritis – A Naturopathic Approach

“Canine Pancreatitis – Natural Support & Prevention”

“Chronic Dis-ease Biological Terrain & Animal Health”

“Demodectic Mange – A Natural Approach”

Does Your Dog Have Itchy Skin?

“Inflammation- Discourage it Naturally”

“Inflammatory Bowel Disease”

“Liver Disease In Pets”

Lyme Disease – A Naturopathic Approach

“Kidney/Renal Disease In Pets”

“Truly Holistic/Naturopathic Approach to Kidney or Bladder Stones

“Giardia & Coccidia”

“Changing The Concept of Canine Hip Dysplasia”

“Hip Dysplasia – Frequently Misunderstood”

“Canine Hip Dysplasia – Things To Ponder”

“Common Sense Hip Dysplasia Prevention”

“Luxating Patellas”

“X-Ray Hype”

“Yeast Infections In Dogs”


Emotional Well-Being


Our Dogs Share Our Emotions

Aromatherapy For Emotional Issues

Music Therapy For Pets

Enrichment For Dogs?

Enrichment and The Enriched Environment For Puppies

Scentual Enrichment


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Vaccinations & Toxins


Online class – “Better Understanding of Vaccines”

“Videos & Webinars on Dangers of Vaccines”

Vaccines – Are They Safe for Your Dog?

Vaccines – Are They Killing Your Dog?

How Vaccines Affect Socialization and Behavior in Dogs

Vaccinations, Safe and Effective?

THE BIG SCAM– Rabies Vaccination

To Vaccinate Or Not

Vaccinations = Immunity?  No!

“Science of Vaccine Damage”



Household Cleaners Toxic To Our Pets

“Why Are Scented Candles So Harmful?”




Fleas & Ticks, The Wholistic Truth

“Fleas and Ticks – Kill All Pests & Parasites?”

“Worming Our Dogs – The Whole Dog Approach”

Heartworm & Natural Prevention

Demodectic Mange In Dogs – Holistic Therapies for Healing

“Ringworm – Natural Remedies”


Published Magazine Articles

Dr. Jeannie’s articles have been featured in various publications such as: Pet Connection Canada, Raw Pet Digest, Dog Press, the national breed magazine for The Boston Terrier Club Of America – Coast To Coast, the national breed magazine for Australian Terrier Club of America – ATCA News, The Stafford Knot (Staffordshire Terrier breed publication), Animal Wellness, Natural Horse, Dogs Naturally, Raw Instincts and Bella Dog. Below are a few of them:


Pet Connection Canada Magazine:

Detoxing Our Pets

Kibble is kibble is STILL kibble

Probiotics – Let Them Eat Dirt

Safe Toys For Dogs

Natural Immunity  (excerpts from book – Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended)



The Dog Place

Vaccinosis Part I

Vaccinosis Part II

Vaccinosis Part III



Raw Pet Digest

Canine Pancreatitis – Natural Support & Prevention

Raising & Feeding Puppies Naturally 

Spotlight On Health – Interview with Raw Pet Digest

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Miscellaneous Articles


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