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Nutrition & Diet

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Published Magazine Articles

Animal Naturopathy


“Animal Naturopathy -Natural Alternative To Animal Care”

“What is Animal Naturopathy?”

“Epigenetics Simplified”

“Epigenetics in Dogs”

“Eight Laws of Health/Nature For Animals”

Animal Wellness & Vibrational Frequencies

“Promote Health In Your Dog Rather Than Treat Disease”

The Immune System


“The Importance of A Strong Immune System”

NK Cell Function why is it so important?

“Animal Wellness From The Inside – Out”

“Animal Wellness and Vibrational Frequencies”

“Canine Microbiome and Biological Terrain” 

“The Dog’s Skin series – Part One”

“The Dog’s Skin Series – Part Two”


Nutrition & Diet


What’s In Your Pet’s Food?

Grains In Commercial Pet Food?

Kibble is kibble is STILL kibble!

“Beginners Guidelines for Transistioning & Feeding Raw Diet”

“Is Glandular Therapy Necessary For Dogs?”

“Balanced Pet Nutrition”

“Myth or Fact – Raw Fed Animals Pose a Significant Health Risk To Humans?” 

“Salmonella Contaminated Dog Food”

Dogs Are Carnivores”

Cooked Vs. Raw Foods”

“Raw Feeding MYTHS”

“Tripe – Offal & Awesome”

Detoxing and Healing Your Dog”

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Important Supplements


Maximize Your Pet’s Immune System with Fulvic/Humic Acids

Medicinal Mushrooms For Pets

Enzymes in Canine Nutrition

“What’s So Important About Enzymes For Our Dogs?

“SBO Probiotics for Pets?”

“SBOs Best Probiotic for Carnivores”

“Glandular Therapy Necessary For Dogs”

Omega 3s/Essential Fatty Acids For Your Dog

“Why Use Bovine Colostrum For Dogs?”

Importance of Antioxidants For Dogs


Diseases & Ailments


“Bloat in Dogs – Be Educated

Canine Arthritis – A Naturopathic Approach

“Canine Pancreatitis – Natural Support & Prevention”

“Chronic Dis-ease Biological Terrain & Animal Health”

“Demodectic Mange – A Natural Approach”

Does Your Dog Have Itchy Skin?

“Inflammation- Discourage it Naturally”

“Inflammatory Bowel Disease”

“Liver Disease In Pets”

Lyme Disease – A Naturopathic Approach

“Kidney/Renal Disease In Pets”

“Truly Holistic/Naturopathic Approach to Kidney or Bladder Stones

“Giardia & Coccidia”

“Changing The Concept of Canine Hip Dysplasia”

“Hip Dysplasia – Frequently Misunderstood”

“Canine Hip Dysplasia – Things To Ponder”

“Common Sense Hip Dysplasia Prevention”

“Luxating Patellas”

“X-Ray Hype”

“Yeast Infections In Dogs”


Emotional Well-Being


Our Dogs Share Our Emotions

Aromatherapy For Emotional Issues

Music Therapy For Pets

Enrichment For Dogs?

Enrichment and The Enriched Environment For Puppies

Scentual Enrichment


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Vaccinations & Toxins


Vaccines – Are They Killing Your Dog?

Vaccinations = Immunity?  No!

To Vaccinate Or Not

How Vaccines Affect Socialization and Behavior in Dogs

Vaccines – Are They Safe for Your Dog?

Vaccinations, Safe and Effective?

THE BIG SCAM– Rabies Vaccination

“Science of Vaccine Damage”



Household Cleaners Toxic To Our Pets

“Most Overlooked Toxic Chemical In Our Homes”

“Why Are Scented Candles So Harmful?”




Fleas & Ticks, The Wholistic Truth

“Fleas and Ticks – Kill All Pests & Parasites?”

“Worming Our Dogs – The Whole Dog Approach”

Heartworm & Natural Prevention

Demodectic Mange In Dogs – Holistic Therapies for Healing


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Published Magazine Articles

Dr. Jeannie’s articles have been featured in various publications such as:

Pet Connection Canada, Raw Pet Digest, Dog Press, the national breed magazine for The Boston Terrier Club Of America – Coast To Coast, the national breed magazine for Australian Terrier Club of America – ATCA News, The Stafford Knot (Staffordshire Terrier breed publication), Animal Wellness, Natural Horse, Dogs Naturally, Raw Instincts, Raw Pet Digest and Bella Dog. Below are a few of them:


Pet Connection Canada Magazine:

Detoxing Our Pets

Kibble is kibble is STILL kibble

Probiotics – Let Them Eat Dirt

Safe Toys For Dogs

Natural Immunity  (excerpts from book – Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended)



The Dog Place

Vaccinosis Part I

Vaccinosis Part II

Vaccinosis Part III



Raw Pet Digest

Canine Pancreatitis – Natural Support & Prevention

Raising & Feeding Puppies Naturally 

Spotlight On Health – Interview with Raw Pet Digest

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