Arthro Aid Joint Supplement – No More

Many of my clients and friends were successfully using a great, all naturally sourced joint supplement for their dogs called Arthro Aid.

Unfortunately, the company that was making this fine product has gone out of business so the supplement is no longer being made and is not available anywhere, anymore.  I have had many inquiries as to what they can now give their dog that will work as well and still have naturally sourced ingredients.

I have been researching and even trying a couple different supplements with my 13 year old and 10 year old Boston Terriers to see if I can find something to replace the Arthro Aid.   I believe I have found it!  Lubri-Ease and Lubri-Ease Plus, made by Only Natural Pet.

I have been giving the Lubri-Ease Plus to them daily as a chewable treat for about three weeks now and while neither one had any real joint issues to begin with, I have noticed that the 13 year old is jumping up and down from the bed and couch with more speed and without hesitating anymore.  She is also running around the yard now and not just slowly trotting!

Here is a little more information on it for those interested: Lubri-Ease joint supplement for pets.

Please be sure to let me know how it works for your own dogs.



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