Another Adopt – Don’t Shop Article??


A fellow Standard Poodle lover posted a nice blog post recently on Adopt don’t Shop.    Of course at first I thought “Oh No,  really?  Yet another article vilifying  ethical hobby breeders by Animal Rights zealots and  well-meaning but woefully misguided members of the public who have been persuaded that breeders are causing overpopulation and filling shelters with unwanted puppies!”  But I read on and was pleasantly surprised to see what Sherri was saying.

Here is a quote from her article:

“When you start to look for a puppy with the intention of purchasing you must take extreme precaution.  You must ask, ask, and ask some more.  If you are going in blind you can be easily duped.  There are a great deal of dubious breeders out there.  They know what to say, they know how to get around the incorrect answers that you are looking for.  They know all too well how to push their goods and reap the benefits.  So you need to be well educated in what you are looking for. ”   Read her entire article HERE

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