By Dr. Jeannie Thomason


Animal wellness begins in the cells; health comes from the inside out!

Life begins, is maintained and ends at the cellular level. The health of single cells holds the key to the health of the whole organism.  ~Dr. Mary Ruth Swope


Single cells clump together to form tissues and tissues cluster to form organs. When the individual cells are kept healthy, whole body wellness is experienced.  In reverse, when individual cells become unhealthy, tissues will become unhealthy, and if unchecked, dis-ease will result in the death of the whole organism. The objective in maintaining healthy cellular functions is to enable the cells (regardless of what their individual responsibility is) to function at their optimal level. So many things can negatively impact the health of cells, from poor nutrition and chemical toxins to epigenetics.

Cellular health is the foundation of wellness, and with billions, if not trillions of cells in our dog’s body, it’s critical they get the nourishment and support they need.




The best food for cells is raw, species specific food.  For our carnivore companions, that means: straight from an animal, with all of its natural nutrients, in a natural, un-depleted, unprocessed form.

Raw meat, bones and organs contain nutrients in a form the dog’s body can easily breakdown and assimilate.  Processed, cooked foods are far from the natural form that our dog’s require.  When foods are changed and modified by processing and cooking, the structure is altered so that the body is unable to recognize, breakdown and absorb nutrients.   We are not only putting non-nutritional foods into our dog’s bodies, but we are subjecting their bodies to substances in a form that must be eliminated, thus straining the vital food digesting and eliminating organs.  These non-nutritious substances cause problems for their bodies that ultimately lead to sickness and disease.

Vibrational or Energetic Frequency

Scientific research has shown that different parts and different organs of the body have their own vibrational/energetic frequency signature. In other words the frequency of which the cells of the heart vibrate at are different from the vibrational frequency of the cells of the Lungs or Liver, etc.

When parts of the body become stressed or weakened, they are no longer producing the correct “frequency” of wellness; in other words they are not vibrating at their prime (optimal) resonant frequency.

When the immune system is functioning properly or as this natural, built-in energy/electrical frequency is flowing freely, the body is balanced, in harmony,  in a state of homeostasis. However,  when the immune system’s energy is blocked, suppressed, weakened  or unbalanced; due to such things as improper or poor nutrition, exposure to toxic chemicals, emotional stress or injuries, our pets become vulnerable to illness. Once they get sick, the body’s vibrational frequencies become lower and unbalanced; making it that much harder for them to recover.

Read more about vibrational or energetic frequency in the body HERE

The immune system is the number one defense against sickness/dis-ease.

The immune system at the cellular level,  can be categorized as lymphocytes (T-cells, B-cells and NK cells), neutrophils, and monocytes/macrophages.

When we talk of maintaining cellular health, this means keeping the immune system healthy.  Many people today instantly think of “boosting or stimulating the immune system” as being the most important thing to do to keep it healthy. Boosting the immune system however, is not always appropriate or what is required. In many  cases the immune system needs calming and balancing; as is the case for autoimmune disorders and frequently for chronic “allergies”.

Again, correct, species specific nutrition is the foundation for keeping a body and all its systems balanced and healthy, a raw, natural diet is the most important component in building and supporting a healthy cells and in turn a healthy immune system.

Since your canine companion is dependent upon you to provide the best possible diet, it is prudent for you to educate yourself about the options available and the benefits of feeding the freshest, most wholesome diet you can.

There may be times when immune supportive and balancing supplements may be necessary to incorperate into your pet’s new whole health lifestyle.

 Along with a raw, species specific diet, daily exercise, minimal exposure to toxins and a low-stress living environment are of utmost importance to the wellness/health of your companion. Please note: If these foundational elements are not attended to FIRST, then adding natural remedies, supplements, homeopathy, herbs, etc. to “boost” the immune system, will be far less effective. Giving immune-supportive supplements to an animal without attending to the foundations of good health is like trying to heat a house with poor insulation and broken windows, you can turn the thermostat up as high as you’d like but the house will still be cold.

Providing the foundations of health necessitates that we become mindful of things we may not normally be aware that compromise or destroy wellness, such as:

Pesticide & Herbicide Residue In Food.

These are chemicals designed to kill living organisms, not something we want our dog’s being exposed to or ingesting on a daily basis. Make every effort that you can to find and feed only free-range, hormone and/or antibiotic-free animals or animal parts to you dog.

Chemical Pest & Parasite Treatments.

Chemical insecticides/pesticides should be avoided on or in your canine companion. Remember, our companion animals are much closer to the ground than we are and will naturally breathe in, walk on or lay on, whatever chemical residues are on the floor, bedding, furniture and the grass and ground in your yard, the neighbor’s yard and/or parks you may take them to.  When our dogs groom themselves, these residues are ingested from their coat and paws. There are natural alternatives to the chemical products used by exterminators and in lawn and yard care. (a simple internet search on natural pest control or weed control is a good place to start)

Chemical flea and tick treatments such as spot-on insecticides are a direct assault on your companion’s immune system. The pesticides from these products are absorbed into your animal’s system adding stress to the liver and kidneys as well as the digestive system. Natural flea control options are safe and effective without negatively affecting your companion’s immune system.


Vaccinations represent a major stress to the immune system. They can not only cause side-effects and allergic reactions, they also contribute significantly to long-term chronic disease. Vaccinations are a significant contributor to the rising rates of chronic disease and cancer in companion animals.  Do not succumb to the pressures of a professional who is not willing to look at the overwhelming evidence of the problems of  vaccination, especially what is being called: over-vaccination. For more information about limited vaccination schedules please read more about the dangers of vaccination HERE.

Use of Conventional Medications.

Antibiotics and steroids are necessary tools in the veterinarian’s industry.  However, these toxic medications tax and compromise the immune system, oftentimes leaving the animal susceptible to even greater health problems than it started with. A natural approach to chronic health issues involves supporting the animal’s system in its healing process with the laws of health  (feeding raw species specific nutrition being the first and foundational law) and alternative naturopathic remedies when needed.

Living Environment.

Household cleaners and personal care products are another source of toxins your dog has to deal with. Most commercial cleaners, air fresheners and laundry detergents contain bleach, ammonia and a very long list other toxic chemicals that our companions breathe in as well as absorb and lick from their paws. Keeping the floors clean is important since the dirt tracked in from outside likely contains heavy metals and other toxins, but using natural cleaning products will keep the household healthier. Plug-in air fresheners are another source of indoor pollution – they may smell nice to you, but the petrochemicals that carry and make up that “scent”, produce a constant dose of toxins into the air that both you and your dog have to inhale.


Stress affects animals the same way it affects us, it weakens the immune system. Dogs and cats with anxiety issues of any kind need assistance in moderating their fears. Flower Essences, Essential Oils and/or Homeopathic Remedies can be highly beneficial for animals with anxiety problems or that are under stress. Behavioral modification training is also extremely helpful for dogs with anxiety.

Enhancing or Balancing Natural Immunity
Once ALL of these aspects of foundational wellness have been addressed, many chronic illnesses such as allergies, respiratory illness, urinary tract problems and digestive issues will resolve themselves naturally. I have had many clients whose pet’s health problems have ceased to exsis without any further intervention then the foundations of a species specific, raw  diet and the other laws of health. These have become their every day lifestyle.  Some animals, however, have been battling ill-health for too long or may have epigenetic susceptibilities to certain ailments and their immune systems may need additional assistance and take longer to be well.

Determining the nature of that assistance is the first step. For some illnesses it is necessary to boost the immune system and give supplements that can increase the disease fighting mechanisms of the immune system. For other illnesses, mainly autoimmune disorders, it is necessary to balance or calm the immune system. Overloading the body with supplements and remedies can often make things worse.

In autoimmune disorders the animal’s system has lost some of its ability to distinguish what belongs and what does not belong, and it begins to attack the cells of its own body tissues. Autoimmune diseases can affect a single system or can involve multiple areas of the body.

Animal Wellness is attainable, from the inside, out; with an understanding of species specific nutrition and how to reduce toxicity while igniting healthy cellular balance and function.

If you feel your companion animal  is in need of immune system support or balance, get in touch with a certified animal naturopath – a consultation is recommended.



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