Animal Naturopathy: The Natural Alternative for Animal Care

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason & Dr. Kim Bloomer

: species appropriate nutrition, exercise, pure water, fresh air, sunshine, rest, moderation and trust in these laws to maintain health. When the body does go out of balance, then naturopathy employs the use of nature’s remedies such as herbs, essential oils, minerals, etc., in addition to the laws of health, to support the body so it can bring itself back into balance. No doctor or physician of any kind can heal anyone as the body heals itself.

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Laws of Health for Animals

Most Americans don’t even know what animal naturopathy is much-the-less that it is a choice they have for their pets’ health care. Animal naturopaths are often mistaken for holistic veterinarians and while they do complement each other their roles are quite different.

Holistic veterinarians are all initially conventionally trained and then later seek out the additional training in holistic modalities. Many offer a variety of services while some focus entirely on a modality of choice. Both holistic veterinarians and conventional veterinarians diagnose, prescribe and treat disease although holistic veterinarians choose to utilize natural, holistic methods of treatment.

Animal naturopaths are focused on promoting health rather than treating disease by teaching and following the laws of health mandated in nature. We do not diagnose, treat disease, prescribe medications or perform surgery. Our role is to guide, teach and empower people on how to care for and make decisions for their pets themselves.

The way naturopathy views illness, particularly an acute illness is the body is working to remove any of the “morbid matter”, clean house, and get things back into harmonious working condition. Modern medicine tends to look at all germs as the enemy to be eradicated. But germs are all around us. If we try to eradicate them we’re killing off ourselves and our animals as well. However, unless the body is properly supported according to its species needs, then eventually the body wears out and surrenders to the dis-ease.

Sadly, most people seek out animal naturopaths only after exhausting all other avenues that most often further debilitate their pets health and well-being. As a result, animal naturopaths must also focus on assisting the animal’s body back into homeostasis (or balance) but it can be very challenging after the conventional drugs, vaccines, and food have wrecked their havoc on the body.

People have come to believe that their health and that of their animals isn’t a daily lifestyle but something you surrender to a doctor or veterinarian who then tells you what to do when you do get sick. That is not health nor is it health care. That is disease care.

Animal naturopathy is a proactive approach; a daily investment in the health of your pets by honoring the lifestyle each species was designed for in order to thrive. It approaches health or disease with the whole animal in mind, not just the symptoms of disease being the determining factor on whether or not an animal is well or sick; mind, body, and spirit being the integral, interdependent parts that make up the whole animal. Animal naturopaths use the symptoms as a road map to the underlying cause of the imbalance.

For us, nutrition is the cornerstone of health for all animals. What we feed our pets is critical to keeping their bodies in balance and that always needs to be a species appropriate diet.

Animal naturopaths also understand that as the animal’s body purges itself of toxins – right down to the cells – that symptoms may manifest in the form of a fever, cough, hotspots, etc. Rather than suppress the toxin elimination the consultant/practitioner seeks to support the animal’s body naturally without the assistance of synthetic drugs, but rather use nature and its modalities.

Animal naturopaths follow the laws of health for their own animals as well as that of their clients which includes nutrition, fresh air, sunshine, pure water, exercise, proper rest, temperance and trust in divine power. In addition animal naturopaths will use (when needed to help assist the body’s innate healing ability) supplements, essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, acupressure, massage, etc., depending on their preferences and the extent of additional training.

Animal naturopaths respect the animal as a whole, and seek to support the animal as mind, body, and spirit, in totality rather than as parts of that whole. We instruct and empower people to be responsible for the health of their animals rather than surrendering that power.

The American Council of Animal Naturopathy was founded not only to set a standard for animal naturopaths to ensure the public they are receiving consistent, quality guidance for their pet care needs, but to help the public understand how to find and utilize the services of an animal naturopath.
We hope this encourages you to enlist the services of an animal naturopath as the first line of defense for your pets’ health rather than as a last ditch effort to try and save them.
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Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason, animal naturopaths, are the Founders of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy , host the internet radio show Animal Talk Naturally, and both formerly worked in traditional veterinary medicine as technicians for many years. Their articles have appeared in various publications including Pet Connection, Animal Wellness Magazine, Dogs Naturally, and Natural Horse Magazine.
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