Acupressure For Canine Digestive Upsets

Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis, founders of Tall Grass Animal Acupressure Institute and the authors of The Well-Connected Dog: A Guide to Canine Acupressure have written a great little article/tip of the month on their site that I wanted to share with you.

“When you see that your dog is having a digestive problem, you can give him an Acupressure Treatment that will gently help restore the balance of Chi within his body.

….It can be insidious, but any change in your dog’s appearance or behavior may have a connection to the health and balance of his digestion system. Coat hair is a good indicator of the health of blood and the circulation of blood and Chi. Check your dog’s coat for excessive dryness or stickiness, loss of hair, or color change. These can be indicators for the need to support the Spleen’s ability to function optimally. If your dog’s behavior shifts and he becomes aggressive, overly timid, erratic, or unable to focus during training this could mean he is experiencing an imbalance of Stomach and Liver Chi.

The acupressure treatment accompanying this article is designed to help restore and maintain balance within the dog’s body with special attention to improving his capacity to digest and circulate food nutrients and nutrient Chi.”

To read the entire article please go to their website and read the article by clicking here >>>>

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