About The Whole Dog

“Putting True Health & Healing Back into Healthcare”

Dr. Jeannie Thomason, founder and owner of The Whole Dog

Legendary horse trainer Ray Hunt always opened every clinic or symposium that he held, the same way, announcing: “I’m here for the horse, to help him get a better deal.”

I want to see dogs “get a better deal”.  I promote looking at the over all health – body, mind, spirit as well as our relationships with our dogs, from the dog’s perspective. My focus is on putting the dog’s needs first by taking a “wholistic” or naturopathic approach and honoring him as the species he is – a canine and a carnivore. Honoring the dog as such is by far the best gift we can give him.

As an animal naturopath, I specialize in assessing, developing, and coaching you – the animal owner/gaurdian to optimize your companion animal’s health with the proper use of the laws of health, species specific vitamins, supplements and/or natual remedies when needed.

The first and most important step to honoring our dogs is building a strong, healthy relationship with them,  truly doing all we can to understand how they think, feel and learn.

We now know far more these days about dogs.  Not just about how dogs experience the world through their senses, but also about how they communicate with each other (and us) through body language. We’re learning more and more about dogs’ emotional experiences and the ways in which people have been misinterpreting some pretty key signs from them over the past few decades.

Understanding that your dog is not a furry little child or toy but a true carnivore and understanding how dogs experience life, gives us an insight into how his mind and body works. Seeing the world from your dog’s perspective will help promote whole health – body, mind and spirit.  Knowing this will enhance the relationship between you.  Again, I am here for the dogs.

What’s in a name?
Our name, The Whole (wholistic) Dog, was inspired by my desire to see dogs living with the whole, true health/wellness that  God intended them to. This whole wellness is brought about by providing your dog a “holistic” or “naturopathic” life style” that addresses the entire or “whole” dog… mind, body and spirit.

Who are we?
Dr. Jeannie is a certified animal naturopath with a doctorate in veterinary naturopathy who has been educating pet owners and providing naturopathic ( holistic, natural) animal care since 2003 via her consultations, articles, webinars and this website.

She has been a natural rearing dog breeder for over 25 years and is the founder of the Natural Rearing Breeders Association and co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.

Her passion has led her to dedicating herself to extensive education and research; as well as an exploration of hands-on experiences in practicing species specific nutrition and natural health with her own naturally reared dogs  as well as working with those seeking a healthier lifestyle and longer life for their pets.

Dr. Jeannie’s true love for animals is beyond a passion; It is a way of life! She is known to colleagues and friends as one who “practices what she preaches”and has positively influenced and helped thousands of dog, cat and bird owners, sharing her knowledge of natural and holistic animal care.

“I have found that species appropriate nutrition is one the most important aspects and is one of the greatest influencing factors upon an animal’s overall wellness.”

“I believe that the health and overall potential of our dogs (and all animals), rests on the cornerstones of nutrition, emotional well being, fitness and a clean, toxin free living environment. Once these are all aligned we have not only a vibrant, fully realized animal, but a beginning – a framework for developing more of their abilities and extended length and quality of life. After all, health is not the absence of disease … it is a universal good condition on all levels–physical, emotional and mental.

Instead of just looking for ways to cure a dis-ease or a behavior problem once it arises, it is my goal to share ways of supporting and maintaining wellness so as to keep our companion animals from having any health issues in the first place.” ~ Dr. Jeannie Thomason

The Whole Dog promotes natural dog care through knowledge.
The lives of our dogs are improved by educating human caretakers to have a more holistic, natural approach to health. Quite simply, the goal of Dr. Jeannie and The Whole Dog is to bring natural dog care concepts together to help educate dog owners to learn to be proactive in their dog’s lives with the end goal being healthier, longer lived animals.

She and her friend and colleague, Dr. Kim Bloomer have been hosting the popular online radio show – Animal Talk Naturally for many years. The show is based on years of education and experience to empower pet families with the knowledge to naturally prevent health issues and promote health in their pets – thus lessening the need to visit the veterinarian except in dire emergencies!

Dr. Jeannie is mindful and approaches her work with humility and purpose. Through The Whole Dog she offers consultations, educational information and only products that are pure and naturally effective. She educates to bring upon awareness with a practical understanding of true, natural dog care.

Dr. Jeannie is a strong supporter of personal liberty, as delineated in the Constitution – Liberty as provided by God, not by human. Ultimately, she believes all healing comes from God and that the healer is only the conduit.

What Does The Whole Dog Offer?


Personalized Consultations:

Dr. Jeannie offers custom tailored holistic wellness consultations, new puppy consultations, essential oil consultations and natural rearing breeder consultations.  All  to help you help your unique and special dog(s) achieve optimal wellness and nutrition thereby giving them a longer healthier life, naturally.

Whether your dogs are currently healthy and you’d like help to see them stay that way, or if you are facing a challenge with your dog, such as arthritis, heart disease, allergies or obesity, Dr Jeannie would love to assist you in making the best possible life choices for your best friend.

To find out more about a consultation or to request one for your dog, please go to the Consultation page.

Education and Information:

The many articles and the website blog are available with the goal being that the information and education provided will be inspiring, thought provoking and give you a new point of view into natural dog care.

Health Care Products:

All natural, safe and effective remedies and products
How we measure the true quality of the products we offer at The Whole Dog can be summed up in this one phrase “If it’s not good enough for our dogs, then it’s not good enough for your dog”. The Whole Dog offers only the very best in organic, all natural, nutritional supplements, treats, Eco-friendly bedding, spa and bath products, treats, and even safe, organic toys for your dog. We are committed to providing your canine companion with safe, excellent quality goods and service.

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