AB 1634 is back!

AB 1634 is back! Our opponents including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and PETA are mounting a major lobbying effort and amassing huge warchests in an attempt to pass AB 1634, the mandatory spay/neuter legislation.
We are only weeks away from the new showdown and we need our supporters to help now. As I have said, those of you who thought AB 1634 is dead… are “dead” wrong. AB 1634 is scheduled for hearing by the Senate Local Government Committee in January.

Just as you cannot wait until the day of the dog show to select the site, collect entries and pay for trophies and ribbons, PetPAC cannot wait until the day of the hearing of AB 1634 to contact legislators, reproduce signs, brochures, news releases, air TV commercials and organize rallies.

Of course this means we need to ask our supporters and all of our clubs for to make a contribution today! Every dime you donate to PetPAC goes to fight AB 1634 and stop PETA and HSUS from destroying our pet owner rights. Contribute to PetPAC today!

With your continued support we will fight the multi-million dollar lobbies who want to pass AB 1634 and use it as a model for the rest of our country. Help us stop AB 1634 once and for all!

Read more about what PetPAC has been doing over the past few months, what our opponents are saying about us, and what we need to accomplish in the few short weeks ahead by clicking “HERE“.


Bill Hemby

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