A Greater Crisis Then Pet Food Recall

Yesterday at Animal Talk Naturally, we had a very special guest on the show. John Clifton, author of “Stop The Shots. There was an immediate kinship there with John and his passion and love for our pets was apparent. It was great to find that John feels as I do, that while there dogs and cats dying from eating toxic pet foods recently, there is an even bigger crisis going on right now as well that is NOT getting the media attention it deserves. Are Vaccinations Killing our Pets??? 

The current pet food crisis and the media attention it has created has made Americans aware of one of the dangers our beloved pets face today. But there is an even greater crisis, a greater threat, well known to serious pet professionals, that has yet to garner major media attention. While many dogs and cats have become ill and a few have even died due to the contaminated food, thousands upon thousands of others have died so far this year alone from being over-vaccinated. Vaccinations are still widely considered to be absolutely safe and risk-free by most American pet-owners. They obviously have not seen the many, many cats who develop fatal sarcomas at the site of their vaccinations. They’re unaware of the compromised immune systems in puppies that often are given shots for five or more diseases on the same visit — and this before their immune systems are fully developed.

It’s high time that we demand that EVERY veterinarian at LEAST follows the protocol of the major veterinary associations — their own professional literature! It’s high time that major pet store chains start following these protocols as well in their “low cost” vaccination programs — which often include a five-in-one vaccine PLUS a rabies shot all given together — totally contrary to the recommended protocols!Vaccine dangers are not just held under suspicion anymore — they’ve all been documented in black and white. Pet illnesses and deaths can be directly attributed to overuse and misuse of vaccines.

News media, are you listening? IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MALPRACTICE!!


– John Clifton, author of “Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?”John Clifton
c/o Foley Square Books
P.O. Box 20548
Park West Station
New York, NY 10025

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