A Great Way To Snuggle

Boston In Snuggle Sack

Boston Terriers are notorious for loving to sleep in the bed with their people. And I mean, “in the bed,” as in all the way under the covers. I am sure many other breeds are the same way! My Bostons, if given the chance, are right down in there, burrowing their way between the sheets and hogging up a whole lotta my leg room to boot or pressed up against my side, under my arm.

Snuggle Sacks are the perfect people-bed alternatives or addition to the family room for any under-the-covers snuggle-monster. These cozy creations are like sleeping bags, but open at both ends, and are made of cushy quilted cotton fabric, lined with soft plush.

A Snuggle Sack is like a doggie bed and blanket all in one!

Puppy in Snuggle Sack

The best part about Snuggle Sacks? The Whole Dog will them custom-created for each and every beloved customer. The exterior fabric is available in 9 different colors, and you can choose from 7 different colors of interior plush. You can also choose to have the Snuggle Sack monogrammed with your pet’s name in one of 6 different embroidered fonts.

And Snuggle Sacks aren’t just for dogs. Cats love them, too! And ferrets! They come in 3 generous sizes, and are even available custom-sized for extra-large or teeny-tiny snugglers.

To Order or for more information, contact us at info@thewholedog.org

CH JeanE's Chasing The Storm

Chase gives the Snuggle Sack 4 paws UP!

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