As you celebrate with friends, family and your beloved canine companions today and throughout the holidays, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for choosing The Whole Dog.


Wishing and  your special canine (and feline, equine and avian) companions a blessed and most joyous "Howl-iday" season!  

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How Living With Dogs Is Holistically Healthy For Us

Surely if you are reading this, you already know that living with dogs is holistically healthy for us, the benefits of having a dog or dogs are many but the fact that the benefits affect us physically, mentally and emotioinally/spirtually is awesome!

There have been several studies that have proven the holistic benefits out - obviously to those who may never have had a companion animal in their life or perhaps to the researchers themselves.  I believe most of you reading this already know these health benefits to be real.  However, I am sharing these studies/research with you, so you will have ammunition for those who poo hoo anything that has not been proven out scientifically.

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Holistic Wellness For Dogs & Cats Online Program

Are you very last minute shopping but it's too late for shipping anything?


How about giving the Gift of Wellness for Dogs?

You won't have to wait for it to ship. You won't have to stress over any of that. After payment is received you will have immediate access to the program. 


This program is an online learning experience, designed for anyone who is interested in taking a more natural approach to caring for their dog’s wellbeing, from species specific nutrition through to wellness maintenance and simple changes you can make to promote vitality and longevity in your canine companion.

The goal  of this class is to guide you, the dog owner; step by step, on how to properly implement a species appropriate raw diet along with holistic, naturopathic principles to promote health and vitality in your canine companion. It will empower you to take responsibility and make informed decisions about your dog’s health.


YES,  you may purchase this for someone else, but you'll need to use their email address and name (your credit card or payment option), so be sure they will want to take this program. You may want it for them but it's better if they know they are receiving this because they'll be the one going through the program. 
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