Elderly Dogs


I have had a lot of emails and a few phone calls lately with questions about a very precious, elderly dogs and how I could help the dog stay well for a good time longer and not have it die from the ravages of old age illnesses. Is there anything special we can do help our older companions stay with us longer?


With an older dog, it is obviously very important to supply him/or her with the best and healthiest possible nutrition available. Now notice, I didn’t say anything about the “best food” that is available, because the best food that is available does not come in a bag or a box, it is fresh, raw meat and bones first and foremost and then next would be ingredients that you could cook for your dog.

I know, a lot of you are saying this is not possible for you to do because of your busy schedule, but honestly, a fresh raw or home cooked diet IS the best you could do for that special older companion and it really isn’t that much of a chore once you get a routine established.As our dogs mature later in years, most tend to exhibit signs of debilitating diseases such as arthritis, liver failure, kidney failure, diabetes, hyper or hypo thyroid conditions and on and on. What I like to recommend is to begin with a very gentle detox or cleanse of the blood (de-toxing) with the herbs God gave us for this purpose. These herbs are combined and placed in a product I use myself on my dogs as well a recommend to my clients —Constitutional Blend. I recommend useing this product to strart out with for at least the first 30 days. The ingredients in Constitutional Blend have been shown to build up the immune system and to strengthen the dog’s overall body while at the same time beginning a very mild blood cleaning.

If your dog’s immune system is strong and healthy, then your dog will be strong and healthy and will be able to ward off invading pathogens and diseases. Thus, your dog should be stronger in preparation for a more thorough cleaning with Detox Blend and Quercenol a month later.

Why do I recommend a “cleaning of the blood”? Because the blood is either carrying nutrition to the cells of the body restoring the cells that have been broken down during the day or the blood is carrying toxic materials to those cells. How do you know if the blood is contaminated? Disease, illness or weakness of any kind will begin to
appear in your dog’s health.

Optimum nutrition is the foundation to all health. If one’s pet is “going down hill”, it is almost always due to malnutrition even though one is providing they feel may be the “best food money can buy”.

Another important step is to support this elderly dog with nutritional supplementation in the way of trace minerals, natural vitamins and balance the flora in the dog’s body. Trace minerals, vitamins and an excellent flora balance in the gut have been shown to contribute to the rebuilding of the dog’s bones, teeth, eyes and muscles throughout the body.

I have seen case after case of the protocol of a home cooked or raw diet in conjunction with detoxing, probitotics, digestive enzymes, minerals, omega threes and vitamins restore the health and happiness of the older dog and get them completely off the drugs and that had contributed to the dog’s decline in the first place.  To help prevent the chronic health problems that afflict our pets,  especially our older companions, supplement with eNZYmes PRO +  which is a complete supplement with all probiotics, enzymes, trace minerals, omega three fatty acids, vitamins and MORE!   

For more information on these products or to order, go to The Whole Dog’s Natural Health Care Products page HERE

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