Clean Paws Towel

Clean Paws Towel Art!

Debbie Larocque from Three Dogz LLC. sent Chase a gorgeous towel for when her dainty little feet get wet and/or muddy. 

This towel is almost like a micro-fiber consistancy,  VERY absobent and effecient at it’s job of cleaning paws.  It is also a beautiful piece of art with special embrodery with special wording of your choice, that comes boxed with so much care and beauty you hate to open it!  I was very tempted to just hang it  up for all to see and admire but Chase talked me into using it since the dogs are coming in with muddy paws and tummies with all the rain we have been having.  I will also be taking it to the dog shows with us in our “show bag” to not only use if feet get dirty but to show off to all my dog show pals! 

Chase gives ThreedogzLLC and their products 4PAWS!

Towel Art by threedogz LLC also makes many other great products such as coasters, mouse pads, note pads, and more.  Check them our at:

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