Heartworms-true natural prevention

Heartworms True Natural Prevention

Heartworms –  True Natural Prevention

True natural prevention of heartworms (or any other foreign invader to the body) is ultimately done by improving, boosting and maintaining a strong, healthy internal environment (immune system), true prevention is not using artificial means and toxic man made products.

We have been indoctrinated to believe that we need to kill and destroy all pests, parasites, viruses and microbes before they kill us and our companion animals.  This is a totally wrong way to think. What we need to focus on is the health and balance of the immune system or internal environment. If the immune system or internal environment is balanced (homeostatic), then none of these – what we have been taught to think are: “things to be feared”, can flourish. On the other hand, if the immune system or the internal terrain/environment is out of balance, then the foreign invaders (heart worms, viruses, etc.) will thrive.

PLEASE, realize this: a dog must be essentially healthy in order to resist succumbing to heart worm (or any parasite or  virus). This statement is more than just an idle observation, it is the principle that ensures the survival of our domesticated dog’s wild relatives, who if you stop and think about it, suffer far greater exposure to heartworm-carrying mosquitoes then our domestic pets do. However, they succumb in far fewer numbers than our domestic dogs do!  Think on that for a minute!

So why are our pets/domesticated dogs falling prey to heart worms? Surely they are healthier then their wild cousins, since we  feed them a “scientifically balanced”, processed diet, vaccinate them to prevent them from getting all the nasty and sometimes fatal viruses and use prescription medications to “kill heart worms, fleas, ticks and intestinal worms – right?      WRONG!

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