K9 Unit and its K9 Officers In Green Bay No More?

Officer Pocket, one of the K9 officers that may be euthanized

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Green Bay WI spent tens of thousands of dollars to create a canine unit, and is now getting rid of them for “budget cuts.” This is not because Green Bay cannot afford canines, but, it seems, because of personal and/or political (anti-union?!) motives. Either way, if a police K-9 saves one officer’s life, how can we, as a community, not “afford” to have him/her in the budget!?

If something is not done quickly, 2 beautiful dogs, who have served & saved citizens of Green Bay faithfully,

will be “retired” which goes much against their nature at this age. Even if these dogs are offered to their handlers, as Chief Arts has personally assured me will be the case, there is a chance that, as they are still of working age in body, mind & spirit, they will not transition well into civilian life in which case euthanization would be an optionPlease sign the petition:


On Dec 13, 2007, James Sundstrom, Wisconsin signed this petition and said:”I am a retired Green Bay Police officer who was saved by a Green Bay Police Department K-9 in 2002. This Dog allowed me the time to use deadly force before an officer or civilian was killed. This K-9 was stabbed 23 times while keeping the emotionally disturbed man from stabbing officers. Our K-9 units have saved more lives than our bullet proof vests but if the city threatened to take away this expensive tool they would be criticized throughout the country. Taking away this tool form Green Bay officers is negligent and is a disregard for the safety of our officers and citizens. Having the county K-9 cover our city in a timely and effective manner is unrealistic. Managements assurances to the public and officers that this option would be effective and safe is outright deception and untrue. If the K-9 unit would have been disbanded by management on September 6th 2002, One day before I fatally shot the man trying to kill three officers and the K-9 unit, and I would have been killed during the incident would the Chief and Mayor have the guts to go up to my two young daughters at my funeral and say “sorry for your loss” while knowing they did not give me every and tool to survive the incident. Not only are these two K-9 units that can respond quicker than the county but they are two of the best dogs and handelers in the state. Jim Sundstrom

On Dec 13, 2007, Howard Knauf, Florida signed and stated:
“In Brevard County, Florida during the early 1990s Sheriff Jake Miller squashed the K9 program over a dispute concerning home care pay to the handlers. Shortly thereafter, Deputy Raymand Warner was killed by a burglar in a public school when he was ambushed by the perp on an alarm call. A K9 would have most likely prevented that murder of Deputy Warner as the criminal had no weapon, save the gun he got from Warner. The safety of your departments’ personel should not be compromised over a squabble for money. Its ludicrous. To destroy perfectly healthy animals that have served your agency as an end result borders on moronic. I will take the two K9s to prevent their destruction. I worked K9 for 8 years and am a state instructor. They would not be going to someone who cannot handle them. Give it serious consideration. You have my email. Thank you.

This officer would most likely not have been killed if their k-9 unit had been intact. Was this officer’s life not in the budget?!

If people do not let their voices be heard, we will one less canine unit next year and our officers and citizens will not be as safe as they are with K-9’s such as Poket protecting them. These dogs provide an invaluable service to our community, and to all communities worldwide.

Please call & complain to Jim Arts, Green Bay Police Chief, who has much say about the future of these dogs & this valuable program.  He is quoted as saying, “Unfortunately it was a difficult decision but it comes down to a business that comes down to cost, service, and our ability to manage our resources.” Shall we argue as to what Chief Arts definition of “service” is?



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  1. I dont think they should take to K-9 unit dogs or officers off the force because all these drug dealers that are out there selling and paying marijunia, cocaine, weed, and other types of drugs. The people that are using those drugs are likely able to shoot or kill to get the money.

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