Bullies With Benefits

I was recently asked if my dogs would like to try out Only Natural Pet’s new “Bullies With Benefits”.

While fortunately, my dog’s don’t have any joint or skin and coat issues, I said I would let my dog’s try them and see what they thought of them.   They LOVE them!    I have Standard Poodles and two senior Boston Terriers so I had Only Natural Pet send the 12″ sticks and I am so glad I did.  It took the Poodles a little longer to eat them and the Bostons even longer but gnawing on the Bully sticks kept them content for a few hours during a rain storm so everyone was happy!

These Bully sticks come in two different “benefits”.   One is coated with glucosamine and omega 3 essential fatty acids for joint support and the other with skin and coat support goodies such as:essential fatty acids and collagen.

Only Natural Pet Bullies with Benefits are free range, grass-fed bully sticks that are fortified with specially formulated ingredients to offer your dog essential health benefits.
Available as 6″ or 12″ sticks in singles, 5 packs, & 10 packs in the following blends:
Joint Support Sticks
Skin & Coat Sticks
Only Natural Pet brand products are 100% Guaranteed

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