200 year old assumption we are all paying for now (vaccinations)

200 year old assumption we are all paying for now
by Dr Patricia Jordan

If ever a “bottom line” could be found, I think this is it.
We all know that vaccines make disease death and disability. We all know there could not have been safety testing and we all know that hospitals are full of the effects of vaccines on man and animal. None of us knew just how bad the situation was and few see how much worse it stands to become as genetically engineered products are also “deemed safe by the FDA”. The effects of vaccines are not “coincidences”.
Dr. Stephen Blake has described the situation the best and calls the biggest medical assumption in the history of man that is most responsible for death disability and disease as we know it today is that of vaccination.

Dr. Michael Fox and Dr. Terje Traavik seem to be of the few that recognize the future horror is from unregulated research and use of genetically engineered vaccines.

Ahhhh even as we speak Cornell’s Baker Institute of vaccine development for animals is unfolding their newest “creation”. Despite having used aluminum adjuvant for over 50 years in the animals…and the human vaccines, now the evidence is clear the adjuvant is disrupting amino acid sequences….ah I think they are referring to carcinogenic as the WHO found them to be in 1999.

(1) well now they have an “even better idea” and are using the genes of E. Coli to inject….and of course they think this plan will work even better than the last.

“Vaccines have been used for over 200 years and are the most effective way of preventing the morbidity and mortality associated with infections”

Now, HERE is the largest medical assumption ever made and this line although you read it everywhere in the defense of vaccination is one that you never ever however, find authentic truthful references for.

Now understand that little STUDIES have been done to look at the impact of the vaccines into the effect of gene environment…….the genetic mutations and deletions and changes that are the effects of vaccination, that the very “gene environment” that is found to respond with death, disability or dis ease following vaccination has been impacted on the patients genome via previous vaccine administration. Vaccines affect inheritance. http://iacc.hhs.gov/events/2009/scientific_workshop/docs/slides/sw_panel3_slideset.pdf

In 2009, only now is it even starting to be looked at;

Appropriate assessment of vaccination as a risk factor by better characterizing response including immunological, behavioral, symptomatic and development to both vaccination and to naturally acquired illnesses that challenge the immune system [something Dr. Ron Schultz called for in 1988!]

Accessing vaccination as a risk factor by measurement of post-vaccine response and immunization history crossed referenced with medical history and collaborating with biolabs samples of samples.

A new study completed on monkey babies vaccinated with Hep B vaccines containing mercury (thimerasol) has just now been completed and shows statistically elevated neurological and developmental problems in the vaccinated babies. http://fourteenstudies.org/pdf/primates_hep_b.pdf

Studies are just now being done finding the age, gender and season vaccines administered effect response on the patient in developing disease from adverse events. http://ajp.amjpathol.org/cgi/content/abstract/165/5/1593

Bottom Line; Lie or assumption does it even matter?

We never had proof that vaccines were safe, effective or responsible

We beLIEved and performed according to the conditioning of the beLIEfs

Whoever was responsible for perpetrating the beLIEf allowed this beLIEf to permeate and perpetuate within the halls of our institutions of higher learning and be defended by those whom have authority over us?

We therefore ignored and denied adverse events that followed vaccinations.

The significant increase in disease including the appearance of diseases never before presented prior to vaccinations is proof that the effect of vaccines to the genome and the death, disease and disability that follows vaccination is not a “coincidence”.

1. WHO IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer; Summaries and evaluations surgical implants and other foreign bodies 1999 Feb 23; 74:24305-310.

2. Ramanujan K, Study; new vaccine delivery system may be more effective.
Provided by Cornell University http://www.physorg.com/news183663284.html


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